Rafael: Ongoing

You don’t like when people talk to me. Correction. You don’t like when women talk to me—correction, you don’t like when women I don’t know, talk to me.

You do it at the park. You do it at restaurants. You do it on the streets. You start saying Daddy. Daddy. And you’re looking at me, first slightly irritated, then increasingly scared. You say my name, and stare at the woman talking to me. The woman has no choice but to stop talking and look at your two big eyes. And that’s when you stick your finger in your nose. (Another form of defense.)

That’s been happening too, lately. When someone does something you don’t like, or if someone’s making you uncomfortable, you stick your finger in your nose. I think that’s a way of controlling them because it forces them to stop, and say something like Do we stick our finger in our nose? or, Not in public or, Get it out, now! Either way, its control.

You have also begun improvising, and when I say improvising, I mean lying. But you’re doing it without purpose. That’s progress. Anyone can lie to get what they want, but you’re lying now to be inventive. To elongate.

Reading a story, I tend to improvise around the other characters. I’ll be the voices of the minor players, adding a subplot into the story. (It’s firstly, to teach you that there is always more than one story happening at the same time, secondly, to teach you about perspective; how one thing happening for someone, may be entirely different when happening to someone else.) You have accepted the subplots, and have one-upped the game by bringing in callbacks. If they can’t find Spot (the dog) and there’s a phone in the picture, I make it ring and have the animal talk to you. Now, as we turn the page, you bring back the phone call, and make me do another animals voice. You usually tell the animal what you did. And wait for them (me) to ask you questions.

really specific not for everyone to read but [raf] you’ll appreciate this when you’re older— I had been saying for the last three animals, You know what I had for lunch today? Pizza. What did you have for lunch today (knowing you had pizza). And you say Pizza. And the animals say Wow. What a coincidence! We both ate pizza! That’s incredible. When I got to the monkey and we did the pizza thing I said Wow that’s incredible we both ate pizza! (and as an afterthought) I put bananas on my pizza. and you said I put banana on my pizza, too.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think that’s incredible.

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