The Easy Way to Quit Smoking

This book by Allen Carr has helped me and my girlfriend quit smoking. It is beyond belief how accurate the title is. No drugs, no longing to smoke, no overeating, no big revelations. The book takes plain language and goes right after your common sense. It only doesn’t work if you’re an idiot.

The book said there’s a monster inside of me that wants cigarettes. Cigarettes don’t relax me, they do the opposite. Cigarettes don’t define me, they are a crutch, a prop, something to hide behind. There is no reason to smoke as it does nothing good for me.

You are supposed to smoke while reading the book but I had quit before I bought it so I figured it was no problem to continue not smoking, plus I was not in the mood to have a cigarette. I wanted to stop and that is the main thing. If you want to stop but feel that you can’t, this book can help. If you say you want to stop, but don’t really want to, this book can help you as a doorstop.


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