Don’t know

Not really sure what I’m going to say. Went back to my old work today. It was great seeing everyone. It was strange. I didn’t have my phone with me so I guess I acted abnormally, meaning, I acted in ways I wouldn’t have usually acted. It’s different when you know no one is able to contact you. I did things different—you get the idea.
My old work. My old friends. Truth be told, I was thinking about them. I don’t miss the job. The job itself was the pits. I could barely think of anything worse. But the actual people who worked there. It was so odd. I complained like hell when I worked with them. Yeah, a couple of them I could have done without. Sure, a couple of them were party spoilers, water in the knee. But the one’s I liked, I liked.
They looked older. This one had longer hair; It was longer and it made me jealous how he grew his hair out. He looked like he was from the 1950’s or something. So many problems: with the computer system, and drama with the wait staff, and the managers; all that I wouldn’t miss.
They asked me where I was working and I told them. They looked at me closely. They talked closely. They all took my hand in theirs. Not in a weird way. Not in a way like they’re pretending to make me important. Or, I’m someone they don’t really know. Or, a regular they haven’t seen in awhile, and they make a big fuss when I come back, then forget about me a second later. They regarded me. They walked by and just looked at me. I was looking at them. It felt great. I felt like family.

One thought on “Don’t know”

  1. But are your old co-workers ever your friends? I mean it’s a novelty to go visit, and they all go “OMG.” But what does that really mean in this life of ours. I hate my ex-co-workers. I really do.

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