He wanted to see R—n. More as a science project than a budding friendship. He met R—n at the place where they both worked, and when R—n was fired, he vowed to take his number and be active in allowing their familial relationship to blossom. It had been four months and R—n was still collecting unemployment. R—n had a calm energy and one could see immediately that he respected himself and loved the world in which he lived. He wasn’t honkey-dorey about it like some people—going through life oblivious to its suffering or second meanings. R—n had suffered. You could see that on his face, too—but only when you looked at him during a time when he wasn’t looking back. He was tall and lean and very attractive in a gleamy hot-mess sort of way. He also believed that God created Adam and Eve and denounced evolution based on facts of a highly unorthodox source.

“It was like my face was in a bowl of water but the water was the earth. I dunked my face into it and the buildings, the street signs, the mountains—peeled back. I saw a man pulling levers in a mechanical dark room. He told me he does this just for them (meaning the inhabitants of the earth), but in truth—it was just a show. You and I and everyone else on this planet, keep him in this mechanical dark room because we’re too afraid to believe in miracles.”

It was at this point he offered me mushrooms.

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