In our on-going attempt to record new strains of behavior…

You take quarters out of my change bucket and hide them in my chest of drawers.
When I enter the bathroom you follow me in and lock the door—your fingers snug on the flushing lever.

On october 7th you asked to pee in the potty. Standing over the toilet you couldn’t reach the top so I picked you up and when you began to urinate it split in many directions, mostly over the bathroom floor which I have yet to clean.

You hold the ping pong racket and have me throw the ping pong ball to you. You’re not very good.
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He wanted to see R—n. More as a science project than a budding friendship. He met R—n at the place where they both worked, and when R—n was fired, he vowed to take his number and be active in allowing their familial relationship to blossom. It had been four months and R—n was still collecting unemployment. R—n had a calm energy and one could see immediately that he respected himself and loved the world in which he lived. He wasn’t honkey-dorey about it like some people—going through life oblivious to its suffering or second meanings. R—n had suffered. You Continue reading Evolution