Destroy the Mona Lisa


I have no idea why people want to destroy the Mona Lisa but I saw this movie about Jackson Pollack, and Ed Harris was playing the main character and in the very beginning of the film he’s spitting drunk and [barely] going up the winding staircase to his apartment and he is so soused but somehow summons the wherewithal to scream at the top of his lungs “Fuck Picasso.”

I understood the moment as jealousy. At the unfair life Mr. Pollack had so far encountered, compared to the blessed life Picasso was having. He was angry at himself. He had not acheived the level of success he so desired.

Since the dawn of time people have been trying to destroy the Mona Lisa. Perhaps they walk by the painting and feel the eyes following them no matter where they are in the room. Maybe they think the picture is stupid and wonder why everyone makes such a goddam heap about it. Maybe it’s so beautiful, there is absolutely nothing out of place or incorrect about it that the picture practically begs for a nice bottle of acid.

Everyone’s right and everyone’s wrong, but if someone worked very hard on something I don’t think it’s right for someone else to be able to destroy it (unless the thing that someone worked very hard on was being used to gas and torture people).

It would be like me walking around saying “Fuck Woody Allen,” at the top of my lungs which I would never do because I look up to him and think he’s a goddam genius. Do I want his success? Sure, but on my own terms which means that whenever it happens to me I’ll take it, if it never happens to me, I’ll take that, too.

However, that sort of character really does not belong in a film. He’s too “ok” with himself. Can you imagine Jakcson Pollack going up the winding staircase spitting drunk, barely able to make it up the stairs somehow summoning up the wherewithal to scream, “Picasso, I love your work, I want people to recognize mine as they do yours!”

What a pussy.

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