*Don’t think twice

So I guess this is an overdue love letter to tonya kostenko. Why now? Perhaps it was written a long time ago. Something happened when I slept that made me wake up and write this. Maybe rafael told me to do it, but i can’t give him all the credit seeing as I barely listen to him (only cause he doesn’t listen to me).

My top three tonya kostenko meals in the order that I like them…

1. burritos with black beans, mexican rice and freshly made guacamole.
2. spaghetti with meatballs
3. salad with sardines, hummus, and whole wheat pita

My favorite things she does in no particular order…

1. leaves messages on my answering machine with rafael saying, “Hi…Hi!….” (each one getting louder).
2. Eat salt and lemons before going to sleep.
3. usually made or had access to freshly baked cookies.

My favorite moments with her and rafael…

1. when she dressed him like a bee took him to the park and he was unable to climb or manoeuvre at all.
2. when she tried to continue breast feeding him at 9 months and he would taste the milk and make a face like it was shoe polish.
3. when he was breech in her stomach and therefore denying us the opportunity to birth the baby vaginally, we attempted to talk him toward the proper position by speaking near and around tonya’s crotch but after many failed attempts resorted to, “Turn you little f*cker.”

*Not the Bob Dylan song (though I have been listening to it often), more to express my lack of hesitiation in writing this post.

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