Overheard Voices


HER: Because, Ted. If I had an air conditioning. I wouldn’t have trouble sleeping.
HIM: Did I break your air conditioning?
HER: No.
HIM: Did I drop your air conditioning?
HER: No, but-
HIM: I have never laid a finger on your air conditioning.
HER: I’m not blaming you for why it’s broken. I’m saying it’s hot. I can’t sleep. And when you ask if I want to go to hear some concert later, “‘Bad Lands’ is playing.”
HIM: I don’t speak like that.
HER: “They’re the shit…”
HIM: What’s, ‘Bad Lands?’ That’s a made up name-
HER: “They do percussion and bass and guitar.”
HIM: I don’t Continue reading Overheard Voices


There is a restaurant I frequent and I hate all the people inside of it except the waitress. I go every four days or so and I could swear I get the same waitress every time, or the managers do a swell job of hiring waitresses with olive skin and sporadically cut black hair. If it is the same person, she never acknowledges me in way that says, “you come here all the time,” which would suggest she isn’t the same person which is even stranger cause if it is all these different waitresses then they all have the same lazy left eye.

Pianos and Porches

Judging by her last text and failure to respond, I may have lost the girl (as they say) to circumstances directly under my control.

Now you start over again.

You meet more people, learn more names (brothers, sisters, friends), more places (Where you from? Parents from? College from?), and numbers (How many years have you lived here? How long dancing? How old parents divorced?), becoming the version of yourself, you imagine, you are like.

And it’s all very simple and all formulaic and it becomes sort of a numbers game till abruptly and without warning the pattern breaks and suddenly in the wrong place, at the wrong time and with the wrong opening lines, you have an intimate understanding of someone before knowing the names or places or numbers. Continue reading Pianos and Porches

Another boy called me “Daddy”

Rafael gave me a strange look today when another boy at the indoor playground we attend, held my hand and called me, “Daddy.” The young boy was obviously confused, but the way Raf walked up holding his little yellow teacup looking at me, then the boy spoke, and raf looked at him, then quickly back at me, a tint shifted in the color of his cheeks and his eyes suddenly became very alive…

RAF: Is he telling the truth?
ME: Is who Continue reading Another boy called me “Daddy”

This guy sitting down

This guy is sitting down on a couch across the room from three empty tables. A girl sits at one of the empty tables. She opens a book and begins reading and I spotted him staring at her from the couch. He seems to be here for other people, she, to read.

After three minutes he comes over and strikes up a conversation “First time, here. Didn’t know they played music.” Then she goes silent and puts her Continue reading This guy sitting down

Lady with gigantic German Sheperd

You are an anachronism. Not of this time. I saw you on the way home from the theatre last night and you were walking that enormous beast of yours. He is not a pure bread is he? He seems half Sheperd, half Great Dane, half dragon. Seriously, he is too fucking big. You walk around with him in those really really low cut shorts, and seem as if you are in your early 40’s. You could be a viking. Or the wife of a viking that wants to go to war but the husband says, “this does not occur!” and you say “It should!”

When I first saw you, I had this odd feeling, that it was about to snow and seemed rather suprised when I noticed it hadn’t.