When you ask

A list of the things you do that you will most probably ask me about at some point and I will probably forget at some point. I remember asking my Mom, what was I like when I was a kid, and she remembered a couple things here and there but nothing as detailed as I would have wanted. So in case you are as detailed as me….

– if you drop your blanket on the floor and I pick it up and call your name, instead of coming all the way back to retrieve it you sort of wait a bit cause you see I’m about to throw it to you, and in mid-motion you catch it on your shoulder (if it’s a good throw) and head into my room.

– you can kick a soccer ball while you’re running.

– when you sleep you NEED my arm wrapped around you or else you can’t sleep. My bed is small so when you fall asleep I switch positions putting my head where your feet are and if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night you say, “wanna sleep daddy” and get up to put your head where my head is.

– a subway ride is your number one choice of entertainment. Bus, is a close second.

– you swipe the metrocard when we board the bus and one time you did it, this scraggly haired new yorker-lady saw you do it, asked your age, and said, “He’s the youngest thing I’ve ever seen do that.” So not only are you coordinated, you look young for your age.

– you drink coffee.
– you can remember parts of a book you’ve read, without the book in front of you. So let’s say we have recently read “Spot the Dog” (which is a great title cause the book is all about looking for this dog [Spot] who is hiding), and I ask you, “Is he under the bed?” You’ll say ‘no’ [cause in the book he’s not under the bed, but in the basket] and also say what IS under the bed (alligator).

– when you first saw the picture of the alligator you thought it was a skateboard, which is great considering I had taken you, the day before, to a skate park.

– when reading ‘Hands Hands Fingers Thumb,” every time i read, “Hand picks and apple…” you always say “Hand picks a plumb,” finishing off the page.

– You can repeat anything. I’ve read that “Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear” book to you and you know every animal by what it looks like and you can say the name of that animal. You speak way more English (at 2 and a half) than I do Spanish (and I have been studying on and off for five years).

– there isn’t a person you meet or pass on the street that doesn’t say how cute you are.

– you don’t like the attention of strangers.

– you say hello to everyone by waving your hand at them. Very friendly. This aspect of your character makes me feel especially warm.

– you lie on the floor with a car in your hand and move the car slowly forward. It seems you’re observing the motion of the wheel, which seems you’re into mechanics.

– I told you to watch your fingers don’t get caught in the door and when you see a door in a book you put your fingers to where they could get ‘caught’ and say “watch fingers.”

– you stole a toy car.

4 thoughts on “When you ask”

  1. Elan,
    I have been looking for you for ages! I just read all of the wonderful things you said about your son, they were beautiful… when I come back this fall, I’d love to get a coffee or a drink with you and catch up.

    love and peace,

  2. That has got to be the single most amazing thing I have read in a long time. I know I am somewhat biased since the wonderful boy you are writing about is my nephew. I laughed and got watery eyed, the best of both extreme emotions.

  3. writing such things to our children should be mandatory for all parents. i hope that when i have children i will remember reading this, how poignant it is, and do the same (not as well-worded as you) for them.

    long time no see.

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