Stretched thin

The day I moved out of the house, I put all my books in boxes, my clothes in bags, brought them down five flights of stairs before bringing them to the curb outside and into a taxi.

I pretended to be a flagrant playboy whose wife had kicked him out of the house for cheating.

Me: Hi. 14th and Third ave.
Him: You got it.
Me: Thanks. Moving a lot of stuff.
Me: My girlfriend. She kicked me out.
Him: Oh, boy.
Me: I like black girls.
Him: Me too.
Me: I eat em up. I had two of them.
Him: In your home?
Me: In the crib.
Him: You have a child?
Me: Yeah…
Him: In your babies crib or you mean, crib is your house?
Me: The babies crib.
Him: No good, man.
Me: I’m bad.
Him: She caught you.
Me: She came to say good night.
Him: You were with baby?
Me: There was five of us. It was crazy.

Trip #2….
Him: Where to?
Me: 14th and Third ave.
Me: Yup. Movin.
Him: Ok. That’s good.
Me: My girlfriend kicked me out. I like em big.
Him: Oh shit. You like big girls.
Me: Can’t get enough.
Him: She caught you.
Me: Yeah, she caught me. We got a kid.
Him: Oh, it’s no good for kid.
Me: Well, it’s better than us fighting all the time right in front of him.
Him: Yes, that’s true. She gonna take your money.
Me: Well I’m gonna give it to her, she’s taking me to child suport enforcement.
Him: Don’t let her.
Me: Don’t let her?
Him: Deal with her privately.
Me: We can’t. We don’t agree.
Him: Pay her.
Me: I’m gonna pay her.
Him: No, pay her not to go. You don’t understand. I have a friend, drives a cab, same thing with him. He can’t go nowhere. He’s broke. Five kids.
Me: Five? What was he thinking?
Him: My wife tried that with me. I said “no.”
Me: Oh, you told her, “no,” that worked?
Him: She said, “I’m gonna get, you know, percentage of your income,” I said, “Good, I’ll work in a field my whole life, they don’t give checks in a field, now you gonna get nothing.” She understood, backed off. I buy my kid whatever he wants.

Today, or a dad going to pieces

Today is my day with rafael.
I enjoy playing with him more these days.

He used to be a chore,
when he’d whine and complain

and now we talk more easily.

Since i’ve gone,
he’s a better listener.

He’ll play on the green tire,
won’t let me share.

His diet is still the pits,
a cornucopia of hamburger and french fries.

Sometimes I think he’s behind me when he isn’t.

Child Support Enforcement

Doesn’t that sound like a real fun place to spend a Saturday?

And on the website, there’s a picture of a young boy and his mother, smiling, running into the ocean, kicking up sand and surf. But if you look a bit closer; just tilt the camera to the left, you ‘ll see that they’re running over the body of the father and kicking up dimes and nickels.

Gliding through the website in happy, happy, glee-like rapture, I found this lovely thread…

Paternity Establishment
When a child is born to unmarried parents, the child has no legal father. Paternity must be established before child support or medical support can be obtained.

Wonderful. Turns out I’m not a father.

Now what kind of a story do I want my child to tell when he’s my age.

“My father left the house when I was two, and because he and my mom were never married, she couldn’t get child support; So technically, he wasn’t my father and more importantly he got out of paying my mom a dime. If I ever see that piece of shit, I’ll punch him in his face.”


“My father left the house when I was two, and because he and my mom were never married, she couldn’t get child support; So technically, he wasn’t my father and didn’t have to give my mom any money. But he filled out the form, they enforced an amount that was more than he could afford and every cent he ever worked for was handed over to my mother, leaving him a bitter, angry, failure.”

Well, at least there’s a good side to all this.


I went to begin my spanish class at the Queen Sofia Institue and found out my class had been cancelled.

There was a looking for papers, a series of mouth twitches, a scanning of computers all culminating with, “I’m so sorry.”

There, I met a teacher who told me about a book by Jorge Luis Borges. A story in particular called The Circular Ruins.

This morning, I sat in a tiny coffee shop, looked to my left, saw fourteen books for sale, one of them being an Anthology of fiction by Borges.


Is the name of a film I shot two weeks ago. It is nowhere near finished and I’m not even sure I’m permitted to put this on my website without the permission of the director, but it’s only the first scene and only a medium shot of the first scene without any close-up’s, so it’s not like this is going to end up in the film anyway.

Plus I’m excitable, and like the performance of the other guy, too.

Hit the Girl

Was the working title of my first screenplay. The story was given to me by my cousin, Allen, during a breakfast date at Les Halles. He told me a story. I asked some questions, we made some changes, discussed reasons for breaking the silence of the universe, and finally, went away from each other.

I thought about it for three days, then sat down to write. Two days later it was finished, a fifteen page rough draft.

The story is about three friends who go to the beach; frolicking, playful and silly then leave the beach, betrayed, cold and bitter.

There was a scene where my character (realizing he’d been stabbed in the back), tackles his best friend into the ocean. I wanted to get a dummy so I could really put my shoulder into the hit, and lift her up sending her backwards into the water. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a dummy, but the female playing the character of EMMA had plenty of fight experience and didn’t seem to mind me rushing into her at 18 miles an hour (I clocked myself), crushing her lower hips sending her sailing into the cold waters of Coney Island.Photobucket

How hard did I hit her? Let’s put it like this… I wrote the script and didn’t allow the actors to improvise, but we only did one take of this, and I permitted the improvised line that shot out of her mouth while my shoulder dissappeared into her waist line, to stay in the film… it went something like, “Fffrroouuuygh,” whatever that means.

We filmed last Wednesday and if the footage is as good as my cousin thinks it is, I’ll end up putting it up on this site.

He directed the film and it was ultimately for a class project at his University.

I have been bit by the bug. I will concentrate on writing screenplays.