Once Upon a Time in the West

I don’t think a woman could sit through this movie. I hope this isn’t being taken as feminist or the opposite of feminist. Or arrogance. I think a woman wouldn’t sit through a net-flixed version of this incredible movie, watched on a laptop, because they happen to be intelligent creatures.

During this film there were some portions that seemed to drag on for my 11:56pm emotions and brain; yet I persisted. I thought…

This is good for you. Watch this film. I know they are taking a long time and no one has said anything in awhile, but it’s moving, it’s going somewhere. I could push the fast forward button, I am very close to it, but I am not going to.

And so forth and so on. A woman would simply fast forward (making sure she didn’t miss anything pertinent to story), or turn it off, restart it at a time when she felt more enlivened/awake/prepared.

I am not a woman.

Someone said to me the other day that I am sensitive. Is that not a compliment? Should a man not hear he is sensitive? It’s kind of one of those back-handed compliments.

If you are on a date, picking up the check and the woman grabs the flower from the small vase on the table and bending the bud to her face says,

Oh, I wonder if these are in season now?” 
You shouldn’t do that you’ll hurt the flower.
You’re so sensitive.

That’s kind of nice.

Whereas if a woman is eating in your house and you made linguini in a white clam sauce and she’s chowing down and finally looks up and says,

“Did you cook these right?” and you say,
I followed the directions I saw online.
But it sounds like you said,
Why do you think I’m not capable of making something pleasant to eat?
“You’re so sensitive.”

That’s like, “Fuck you. I want you to enjoy yourself, you bitch.

Which makes for a poor evening. Point. Once upon a time in the west had real men. Men that hold in their feelings, talk real slow, unafraid to hurt a lady, and carried around firearms. I am feeling slightly insecure.

The movie centered around this elegant seeming lady and it turns out that she’s a whore. I don’t want to ruin it, but there are so many uses of ‘turns out that.’ There’s this one guy played by a young Charles Bronson, and every now and then you wonder what his motives are? What’s driving him? What does he need? What is he after? Why is he after it? And when you find out, its one of those ‘turns out that’ moments. Which works. The film is incredible. It’s beautiful. It’s filled with love and power and intelligence. Its a model. But better. It oozes with personality.

The acting, (by the men especially) is… enchanting. They don’t make people like this anymore, or if they do they aren’t shown this way. I want to copy them. Jason Robards is brilliant. Peter Fonda (I think he is playing against type), he’s this bad boy with blue eyes and he’s supposed to rape this woman but really it just looks like he’s making love with her. Everyone is beautiful in this film. The music is dead on. You’re watching it and you’re thinking what could possibly make this moment better and then…. BOOOOOOOUUUUUUUNNNNNNN! The music comes on and you’re like, “Ooohhhhh.”

I would like to thank everyone that made this movie possible.

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