The Rose Tatoo

I have been cast in a new scene as a 25 year old Italian bull that seduces an older widow. It’s The Rose Tatoo, by Tennessee Williams.

Technically you shouldn’t act in any scene until you’ve read the whole play, buuuut….I’m kind of busy these days and my character isn’t talked about by any other actors in the play at any time. I sorta pop-in and pop-out; my main function is to ignite the soul of the old widow (old bag) and seduce the be-jesus out of her.

So how do I seduce? Roses, candles, I grow a thin mustache, dress nice, act manly, use humor, bring chocolates, feed the lady chocolates, have the lady feed me chocolates, lick the left-over chocolate off her fingers, I wear perfume, show-off my body, smoke cigarettes, drink wine, I bring 17 condoms still connected to each other and stuff them in my pocket hoping they don’t fall out when I put my hands in my pocket to express feeling of isolation.

So how do I seduce as my character?

For the accent I have been listening to tapes of Italian men reading a short story called Comma Gets a Cure which is a short story specifically written for dialect study. The website is fantastic and has a slew of accents for one to study (if one so wished).

I also purchased a book called Speak Italian: The fine art of the gesture. It’s filled with hand gestures for every situation and every implication and has been perfectly invaluable.Photobucket

I also went to a place by my work called Bumble and Bumble (a hair salon), which sells hair products and as I sat in their meat packing loft with huge windows over-looking lower Manhattan, resting in this new-age leather chair; to my left was a book called Shot in Sicily, (a picture of book of all things Sicilian) and I found a picture of a man that reminded me of what my character might look like.

And this is just a picture I like by Paul Klee…

One thought on “The Rose Tatoo”

  1. you and i have a secret rendevouz where we will discuss important stuff.
    my index fingers coming together with force and pointing downwards together.
    we have business together, pal.

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