My Son

Eats bacon and french fries for breakfast.
Wears the same pajamas three days in a row.
Spills baby powder on the floor and on himself.
Sits himself in timeout when he’s done something wrong but doesn’t seem to think it’s a punishment.
Blinks his eyes rapidly in a way of being cute.
Hits things when he’s angry.
Hits his mother in the face.
Recreates this thing I do where I pretend he kicks me off the bed and as I’m falling I call out his name as if I’m falling from a ravine.
Uses the word “hurt,” in relation to how he got hurt, or who hurt him.
Drinks coffee, then hits the table saying, “more.”
Stretches his arms apart and brings them close together quickly while he’s over the cats midsection.
Most often said words…. “Airplane, hi, airport, handy manny, subway, outside, hurt, no.”
Prefers throwing balls to chasing kids.
Knows all the words to “The Wheels On the Bus” and “Aqualung.”

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