How pathetic am I?

An actual transcript from me to the assistant director….

Chad, it’s Elan again. When do we find out?
I’m not sure when he’s calling people, but it should be within the next couple days.
Spill the beans chad. I won’t tell anyone and I’ll look surprised. Am I in or out.

If I had the Director’s number, I’d call him, too!

And, that’s not all…

They called back me and this other guy for the role of John Landis and we were going in one at a time and during a moment when it was his turn, I moved away from the couch toward the audition room so I could “text-message-quietly” but actually put my ear to the crack of the door and listen to how he read.


One thought on “Pathetic”

  1. sometimes Elan…sometimes….argh…if I say what I WANT to say, I’ll sound like Andrew…. so I’ll refrain.
    I wish I had the director’s number…and Chad’s.

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