How the economy has changed what men are saying on the New York City subway line


“Can I have your attention? I am not here askin for money. I know a lot of you out here, lost yours jobs. Those of you that don’t have jobs– those of you on this subway car that aren’t working… I feel you. I know where you at. Those of you that still have your jobs. This is goin out to those of you that are going to work, or leaving work early, if you have anything to spare, I would greatly appreciate it. I am hungry, and homeless. I have not eaten since yesterday. I have no place to live. I will take any food you do not want. Pretzels, any nibbles you got. Maybe a sandwich, tuna, somethin you brought in ziplock bag, thought you were gonna eat, now you not hungry. I would greatly appreciate that. However, I am not a fool. I am not stupid. If you do have some change to spare. A quarter, dime- a penny. If you brought a stack of nickels in a ziplock bag, for the snack machine in your office, turned out someone brought in a whole bag of Doritos, you was munchin on that, I would take that stack of nickels.
Has anyone ever stacked up a roll of nickels? It may not seem like much, but you stack up a roll of nickels as tall as a human being you know how much money that is?

My equation…
5 nickels stacked one on top of the other is roughly an inch.
Therefore 10 nickels is 2 inches.
2 inches = 50 cents.
12 inches in a foot.
50 cents X 12 = 6 dollars.
6 dollars = 1ft.
I am 6 feet tall.
6 X 6 = 36

“Thirty-six dollars,” I say proudly nodding my head looking around the subway cart; he’s been gone for three minutes and the train stopped and people got off, but the four people that didn’t and were here for the story know exactly what I’m talking about.

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