This just happened

A man walked down the three stairs of his apartment building, opened the recycling receptacle, threw out some garbage and it slammed shut and walking by I said, “douchebag,” a little too loud.
What d’ya say man?
I kept going.
What d’ya say?
I stopped. I turned around. I walked right up to him.
I said, douchebag.
I saw you close the bin with a slam and picked up on bad energy.
Well, he’s some good energy (he extended his hand) Mani.
I’m Elan.
Where you from Elan?
Just moved to New York?
No, I lived here 9 years.
So, you thought I was giving bad energy?
Yes, the way you closed the bin. Maybe it slipped out of your hands.
I didn’t even close the bin. I let it go. My hands are cold and wet.
I think… I’m going through a judgmental period.
Did I get you wet?
Just bad energy?
Well, wasn’t my intention. I’m glad we talked. Have a good night, Elan.
Yeah, Mani. You too.

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