Circle in the sand

PhotobucketYou know that stupid quote or story or I don’t even think it was in the bible but it’s like a picture and there’s writing underneath it in italic and the picture is always different, sometimes it’s footprints in the sand sometimes it’s clouds, sometimes it’s just a shore, but it says something like this guy dies and he’s in heaven and he’s looking at his life as footprints in the sand and he notices a patch where there are only one set of footprints and he says,


(Like he’s in a real place to be asking God questions).

God? why did you leave me during this period of my life, it was so hard and interminable…

(Using four dollar words with god, this guy shoulda been thrown down the slide to hell)

“God, this tough time in my life there are only one set of footprints. How could you leave me?”

And God in his holy wisdom and patience says,

Those footprints are mine, during that rough patch I was carrying you on my back (you ungrateful little shit now take a step back half an inch and I will hit this lever under my desk and send your ass sliding into a pitchfork).

Anyway the point is this girl I once dated had it on her wall or read it or bought it or it was mailed to her, point is, she let me read it and I thought it was so deep and wow and I thought maybe God would one day talk to me.

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