Valley Forge

But for the people that inhabit the earth which lend themselves to chaos, the world is a harmonious place and lends itself to balance. Everyone should get a taste of what it’s like to be everyone else. The carpenter should know what it’s like to stop an armed robbery. The fireman should know what it feels like to solve an impossible equation. The actor should time travel to the time of vikings, the chef to the invention of butter, the drug pusher should get a chance to score a goal in the world cup.

Sometimes outrageous moments occur which force us to question is time linear? Is time something that has happened and continues to happen and once something has happened can you never go back?

When cold water interrupts my hot shower I feel a sensation of stinging hot burnt, my mind goes white, my muscles tighten, my ligaments strain, my bones numb and I pull away like a stump suffering from tuberculosis. The cold water keeps pouring down while my naked figure hurls itself to the far corner of the bath. In that moment, I come to understand this is what it might be like for those people in Valley Forge. In the middle of a war, freezing to death. Starving to death. Bodies become toothpics.

My biggest problem is not having a room in the house to close the door and think about the days events. The balance of the world, however, denies me a simple pleasure (hot water) allowing me a moment to imagine what it might be like to suffer. Truly suffer.

Then the hot water comes back and my naked body literally vibrates with pleasure as all the fibers in my form lift their head toward the sun. I would rather have my problems than theirs.

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