India Plans to Shoot Musical on Moon

NEW DELHI – An unmanned space probe from Sriharikota, India was sent into space earlier this afternoon, marking India’s first launched space mission in what they believe is an overdue claim to the business opportunities there.
“Kissing on the moon will be ok,” said Sr. Vice President, Dee Singh, of the New Delhi Film Academy, “Brahma and Shiva, don’t look that way and poor Vishnu’s got his head up his ass.”
China, in attempt to establish a connection to the moon as well, launched a space probe three months earlier, alerting India that a Space race has indeed begun.
“We know the entertainment industry, too,” said Lu Yang, China’s world re-known children’s author. “Without the Chinese there wouldn’t be dragons. How fun would your Dungeons and Dragons have been if it were Dungeons and Darker Dungeons.”
Although U.S. space strategists are in talks with NASA and have no plans this month of launching their own probes, the military is keeping a close eye.
“It’s not our moon, said Larry Nelson, a prominent military advisor to NASA, “But it should be. We’ve been there more times.”
Mr. Nelson has been in talks with Broadway Director Sam Mendes and is now in efforts to forego the operation of mining the moon’s uranium resources, and onto planning set design during an eclipse.
“If the show is running long, the sun could ruin everything,” said Mr. Mendes. He was, however, ultimately optimistic, “Cell phones don’t work in space.”

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