Can You Tell Which One Doesn’t Fit?

There were five 7 year olds at the playground near my house playing some twist on a Star Wars chase sequence. Bereft of x-wing, tie-fighter, or milennium falcon, they hobbled around on foot dipping, dodging, and ducking under any and all interference. 
The leader was a real sight. He wore a faded-grey, NYPD short sleeve shirt with blue shorts that had not just side pockets but those pockets that run down the leg like cargo pants except they bunched up on him so he looked like he was wearing a puffy blouse, which wouldn’t be so big a deal except for the plastic lightsaber he had dangling from one of the many clip attachments that are well loved in cargo pants. He held a lightsaber in his hand (which served as his blaster) and another one dangling from his right side. 
The game consisted of chasing this Asian girl who ran around screaming, “They’re coming!” while the boys deftly hopped over tires, swung over horizontal bars and glided between twirling plastic slides in an attempt to converge on their prey. But they never caught her. They always stopped short, reconvened (now, behind an oversized fun house mirror) and mapped out their plan insofar as how they were going to capture this fleeing Asian who now seemed truly frightened by three boys growling and darting behind her, one with light saber, one with blaster, and one with a bagel and cream cheese.
When “light saber” and “blaster boy” knelt behind the metal-wheel-stuck-in-wood- they gushed and discussed possible measures of capture…
“The force?”
“If she goes near the swings we can use the force on her!”
“Use the force on me!”
“I don’t know if I have that much jedi training.”
“I’m only level three.”
“I’m level five, but I went to my Dad’s this week and couldn’t practice.”
“X-wing, skywalker, clone wars!
“Let’s get her!”

While the fun was happening underneath the metal wheel, bagel boy was holding the screaming Asian; ending the game! He’s holding onto the little girls arm, ruffling up her cute little dress with suspenders outift, while the other two, oblivious to the fact their subject had been caught, continued in the fun of ‘different [star wars] methods to catch her.’

Bagel boy, had no concept of what was fun about the game and that reminded me of me in Improv. Sometimes I don’t know where the fun is. I think I get it and I’m in a scene going, “Yeah! I got the game! It’s so much fun!” Holding my bagel, wondering why everyone else in the scene is not taking part in what I’m taking part in, realizing later that the fun part of the game is the two geeks chasing the girl then stopping short of catching her to discuss how ELSE they’re going to catch her.

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