Hate Mail

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X to Y
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Y, whatch’a up to these days? i know you said never to call or write
you but i thought you meant that figuratively.

Y to X
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nope, I meant it literally
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Y to X
show details 4:33 PM (3 hours ago)

In case you have any doubts in the future please print out the

following reminder:

Your little voodoo won’t work anymore.
Because I see you for who you are.
And you are not a good person.
You have hurt me repeatedly with the intention to hurt me.
With the enjoyment of hurting me.
But what you give you get.
And that is why I am now standing in the gates to the life of my dreams.
And you are now spam.
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X to Y
show details 8:31 PM (7 minutes ago)

you sound like you are brainwashed.
whatever it is you are learning is positively cold and inhuman. If you could concentrate on love a quarter of as much as you concentrate on truly believing I’m a bad person, perhaps there wouldn’t be gates, or fences or bars or any yielding structure keeping you away from your life of dreams.
Your letter sounded spooky and seemed to come from an unhealthy place.
I only wish you the best.
I shared very loving moments with you, in the only way I knew how. I apologize if they weren’t the norm, but I think it’s a waste to spend the rest of your life thinking I’m evil incarnate, but hey, what you give you get.

ps. what you said about voodoo is derogatory. I’ll have you know that it’s a legitimate religion synchronized from Roman Catholicism.

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