To the homeless man in Bank of America (23st/Fifth Ave)

I do appreciate you holding the door open for me. I’m not always so quick to get my card ready in advance and I find most people (who don’t want money from me) aren’t inclined to opening doors while waiting in line for the ATM, so I’m stuck pulling a locked door because the thing I slid my card into didn’t turn green. For that, thanks. However, when I go to use an ATM it is because I have depleted my funds. The ATM gives out dividends of twenty. I’m not giving you twenty bucks.
I know the more you give the more you get, but I am not spiritually enlightened enough at this point in my life to part with a twenty. Also, in the initial stages of plotting a course to find a location to collect money from passerby’s, a bank may seem like a good place. People are getting money but people are also looking at the receipt. Yesterday, I saw the number in my savings account? And I was appalled. I am spending some serious cash and have nothing to show for it. That’s hardly your fault but after reading my bank statement, I’m not in a generous mood. You also kind of said the same thing, too “Thank you very much. Have a nice day. God bless. Get home safely.” Didn’t change it up for anyone, all in that monotonous tone, but that’s off topic and has nothing to do with the spot you’ve chosen to collect money. I do want you to succeed.

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