28 March 2008
“I begin to read or write; She takes me away to deal with the baby so she can continue to ready herself for work. The baby plays with me (for a bit) then leaves to be with her while I’m sitting there playing with his toys.”

22 April 2008
“My right eye has began twitching. It started one month ago and happens at least 6 times a day. I’ve watched it in the mirror. It keeps me from holding peoples eyes when I speak which is great cause looking at someone’s face makes my mind wonder.”

29 May 2008
Excerpt of a short story titled The Bear

“Out of the darkness the claws ripped through the ferris wheel. “Raaaaaargh,” screamed the bear from the seat below. “Help! Save me,”cried the female ferris wheel attendant to the man at the ticket booth. “We live together!” But before he could blink the Bear had landed on the attendant with a thud.

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