I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for 38 minutes

The faults we see in others. We see them because we have them. Not an original thought. What is an original thought is that I’ve been noticing what’s wrong with others a lot lately.

Ran into Tamara Simkin at the Aventura Mall [there was a time when I would have punched myself in the balls to hold that girls hand] she was with a woman named Stephanie. The first thing I thought was that they were a couple. The second thing I thought was that Stephanie was once on heavy drugs, because her face was kind of tilted to the right. I can’t tell you the color of her eyes, the color of her hair, because when your face is tilted in any direction that is what I will take away from our meeting.

Tonya begins her new career, as a massage therapist, tomorrow and I couldn’t be more happy. Now when she complains I’m not physical enough, I will be secure in knowing there is someone touching her.

My class show went very well. Both groups were strong, (I think the other one more than ours). We performed better here than I’d ever seen us in class. Our teacher was on his honeymoon so he had one of his colleagues give us notes. His name was Joe. He seemed smart, intense and not in a frightening way. He found positive things to say about the show. He saw them because he has them.

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