Things Written on Napkins in Morning

10 July 2008

Covering the wooden table is red cloth. Covering the cloth is coffee. Spoons, creams, filters, sugar. There is some common classical music.
Somewhere, draped in a dark grey gown-wrapped in yellow sheets, a man sits reluctant to get out of bed.
The Newspapers are Le Soleil and Le Devoir. Faces, hung on the wall, in oil. Asian children, Indian women, African Mommy’s.
Dad sips his second cup of coffee…. “They will never allow Obama in the office. Wake up to the reality. It’s all big business and lobbyists. For four months out of the five years they listen to the people, after that it’s ‘fuck you.’ Wake up.”
Today, Abu-Dhabi Investment Council, purchased the Chrysler Building.

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