There Will Be Blood

I loved this film. There was no dialogue which revealed a quirkiness or action which revealed a zany-ness, shaky hand held shots making the footage seem more “realistic.” There was Daniel Plainview, a man who wanted to put people under his coal-laced boot. He was the constant. We followed him through town as he attempted to expand his success. I do not respect or agree with Daniel Planview. I did, however, enjoy watching him from a distance. I would never want to know the man, or invite him into my house.
Question. Why was I meant to see the short relationship between him and the man who pretended to be his brother? I’m guessing it was someone he could trust? Someone he did not see in direct competition with him, or someone he did not have to compete with (because he had nothing).

One thought on “There Will Be Blood”

  1. I think it reveals the one bit of disturbing, distorted humanity that DP had: even he believed that blood was thicker than oil, and he was found himself being vulnerable and genuinely generous (not just calculating gain for himself, as with the people in the town) on that sole ground. The betrayal of that trust sets up and breathes dramatic logic (however abhorrent) into the disowning of his “son” in the final two scenes.

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