You’re in a room…

There’s that age old game you play with your friends where you imagine you’re sitting in a room enclosed in glass with a view of two other rooms and there’s a single red button in front of you. The other two rooms have walls made of spikes and they’re slowly closing in on the single wooden chairs located in the center of these rooms. In the chairs are your best friends. Now. Now you must choose. You can only save one. Even if I have just met you, I expect you to choose me. Choose me over your Mother, Brother, Boyfriend, Husband, doesn’t matter.

Ironing my shirt for work, I think of arguments I’d use to convince you to spare me instead of your wife….

She will leave you one day.
She may not.
You will cheat.
It’s possible.

I never argue for a full out, “Yes,” I just get close. I get you to see my point. I understand this sort of thinking makes me a conceit. Something I have always been afraid to have people know about me. But I really just want people to appreciate who I am and the positive energy I bring into the room and also to realize there are plenty of other people to kill instead of me. I could ramble off at least 31.

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