I trained behind the bar last night at Pastis. It was frantic, exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Everyone looked so beautiful. The bartender who trained me was “Pete.” I think he is from Manchester and the only reason I think this is because the bar-back told me. The bar-back is “Tony,” and I guessed he was from Russia but I was wrong he is from Kosovo. It’s important to be internationally conscious and well read, so to brag, I brought up an article I had just read about Kosovo in Time Magazine…..
TONY: Who?
Me: Ana Ivanovic. The tennis player.
TONY: Oh, yes.
Me: She just won the French Open. They say she ‘s got a pretty good chance on winning Wimbledon.
TONY: Yes, but she is from Serbia.
Me: Yes, oh, I thought you said you were from Serbia.
TONY: Kosovo.
Me: Oh, ok.

I got out of that one. I went home and reread the article….

“In 1999 NATO launched air strikes against Belgrade to halt President Slobodan Milosevic’s campaign of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. On the first night of bombing Ivanovic and her family hid in a cellar.”

Time magazine, June 2008

She is from Serbia; she also spent time in Kosovo or else she would not have been able to hide from those bombs. But Serbia and Kosovo are kinda close so maybe hiding in the cellar was just a precaution. At any rate, Tony asked if I played Tennis. I told him I play ping pong. He seemed largely unimpressed and continued informing me what beers we have on tap. Pete was a great trainer. He kept referring to the experience as Training Day, the movie. He introduced me to customers as Ethan Hawke and himself as Denzel Washington.

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