31 and he’s still up in my grill



You called me at 11pm last night. You never call me at 11pm. You’re never up at 11pm. You haven’t called me at 11pm since there was a death in the family. When i reached for my phone this morning and saw I had missed your call, my mind flooded with the message you left. Another death, a fight with your wife, you started smoking again (notice they are all negative things because good news doesn’t travel in the evening). None of those things. You called to tell me the flight I purchased, to meet you in Burlington for our camping trip, was too expensive.
Wow. I can’t believe you stayed up that late to tell me I waste my money. That I should have checked out Buses or Trains. I paid a 180 dollars. It gets me from JFK to Burlington in a two hour stretch of when your plane will be arriving in Burlington. That’s pretty good. Secondly, my return flight departs 15 minutes after your return flight. That’s fantastic. Greyhound told me


The departure and/or arrival city you requested does not return a schedule for online ticketing. This situation may be due to no scheduled service on the date you selected.

Please select a different date of travel and try your request again.

A different date of travel. Check yourself if you’d like. As for Amtrak. Yes they have tickets for the day of our travel. Yes, the combined total does not exceed a hundred dollars. There is, however, one problem. When you land at 10:49am at Burlington Airport, you’ll have to wait 11 hours for me to arrive by train.

In conclusion, I appreciate you looking out for me and being my Dad and wanting me to get the best deals and have the best things happen to me and not get ripped off but when I send you an email of my Delta itinerary and the first thing that pops into your mind is “Wow! What a waste of money!” instead of, “Wow! he booked the ticket! We haven’t taken camping trip together in over 20 years! Look at those arrival and departure times! They’re almost exactly matched!” It makes me think you’re emphasizing the least important thing. 

Your son,



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