My dreams are boring

Argentine Jazz composer, Guillermo Klein, performing Coco.

For the second night in a row my dreams have been about mundane shit happening in and around Canada. It’s fleeting away as we speak so I’ll jot down everything I can remember and make sense out of it in a second….

42nd street was a huge wide open space where people walked and there were no cars and it was snowing.

I found a ten speed bike that was dirty-silver in color.

My child got tangled in a swing.

I almost screamed out loud in order to get off the phone with my father.

My Bubby wanted me to fix her radio so she could listen to a certain song.

I met this child, who seemed to be a family member, his bed was in the shape of a tilted road, room was immaculate, he asked me to put his toys back where I found them, he asked me to make him a cd.

I had to kill these three people that had a superpower of invulnerability. 

A man with an arrow in his back took a knife and cut off the arrow.

I ordered Mc Donalds for lunch, two cheeseburger special for me, quarter pounder with cheese for Tonya.

A woman was getting berated by two men from England. One was being funny the other was being a douche. She thanked me for intervening.

That’s all I can remember. It turns out Tonya also had a dream about bikes. Also a dream about a little boy she was familiar with. I hope this doesn’t mean we’re having another child right now.  Because that would kill me. You could say goodbye to all my remaining hair, time, and composure. I would be a raving lunatic. However, to dream of beings that are yet unborn to this world means I am fucking connected to the universe.
I was thinking about Jamie Martin, my best friend since I was 3 or 4. I have memories of sleeping in a crib with him in my room. I also have memories of reading a Snow White book complete with a tape and when you reach the end of the page it DINGS! to let you know to turn the page. Every time I got to the part where the witch offers her the apple I would get horribly scared, turn the page and cover my ears. I never knew how long that part went so I always wound up missing a good portion of the next page (where all the dwarfs look around for snow white) but my sanity remained untethered. Anyway, I was thinking about Jamie Martin, who had a fantastic wedding. It was completely interactive. All the tables were on the ground floor while his table was elevated on a stage (reminiscent of the MIddle Ages. We were the town, he was the King). During the eating and drinking there were games where we imagined (in song) how the couple met. So all the tables got into groups and we improvised sketches based around a (love) song. It was incredible. I never liked people so much in my life. The point. Jamie Martin wrote me an email the other day finding me through this site and now I have his number, which he left on my site as well, so now everyone has his number.

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