bronx botanical garden

You know how you sometimes at a museum you’ll see a painting and go, “Wow. That’s me. If I were a painter this is the kind of drawings I would make.” Well If I were a tree. This is the kind of tree I would be. Found courtesy of the Bronx Botanical Gardens. A great place to go to run around in the grass. Difference between the Brooklyn Botanical and the Bronx? If you are looking for more of a day trip go to the Bronx. It’s a scenic train ride on the Harlem River Line. The Confines itself is so enormous, garden filled with trees. Big trees. There are forests. Bring a compass and if you find a small fisherman’s hat that’s blue on one side and plaid on the other please let me know as Rafael “Butterfingers” Zafir seems to have misplaced it.

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