My Bubby

Welcome to Miami ladies and gentleman! This is my Bubby. 5″2. Single. Enjoys playing cards, floral t-shirts, and listen up boys… has all her own teeth. She is my only grandma left. This woman has been through some shit. She escaped the holocaust by running away. At eight years old she came home to her house in the south of Poland (presumably from school or getting bread) to find her parents gone, her home vacant. She went from neighbor to neighbor asking if anyone saw her Mother, Father, brothers, sisters. No one said anything. And no one would take her in. So she left her home town at eight years old on her feet. She wound up in a nearby town and was lucky enough to look more Polish than Jewish, and smart enough to have some story made up if someone asked her for her papers. Freezing and starving she passed by a warm looking house, knocked on the door, they answered and she asked if they needed any help. They took her in gave her food and a room and she began helping the lady of the house with the daily chores of sewing, laundry, and general house cleaning. But everytime she objected to say, an unfair amount of work, or to some other nefarious act by either the husband or the son (who was a little older than my Bubby), they’d keep her in line, saying, “We’ll tell everyone you’re Jewish, then the party will really come to a halt.” I made up half that last line. I don’t know if that phrase was invented yet. But they did threaten to tell the Germans she was Jewish. I believe she realized she wasn’t exactly secure in her position and she left in the middle of the night. Now she’s in Boca and I’m visiting in two weeks at the illustrious Century Village retirement complex. So Faiga, Helen, Ms. Bumgarden, and Delores Middlebaum? Get ready ladies, cause if we’re talking about Rumy; this kid’s bringing his “A” game.

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