I will guess your number

shim sham
Click HERE. It’s a website that will correctly guess your number. It guessed mine but I think the game cheated because I said my number “outloud” like it asked me to and I have a really good computer with a high quality mic, So… Not really impressive when I say the number twice and computers are working together to highlight my stupidity, as well as my eagerness-to-be-astounded (which thankfully I have not lost).
My kid understands these words….
1. Ball
2. Doggy
3. Truck
4. Nose (he’ll grab mine or whosever)
And that’s about it. Sorta dampening [as an artist] that my greatest acheivement came from not using a condom. Thank God, I did not use a condom. I can’t imagine not knowing this boy. Above, he’s sitting in a Tripp-Trapp, which i affectionately refer to as the Shim Sham. The Tripp Trapp is from “Stokke®…” and “brings your child to the family table, creating closeness and interaction between children and adults.” The Shim Sham is a tap dance routine, credited to Leonard Reed, who originally called it Goofus. It recalls the roots of swing.

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