Playa del Carmen

these two lovely people is the island of Cozumel. For someone who’s lived on the coast for most of his life, there is a profound comfort in staring upon the horizon and seeing nothing but sea and sky. There is also a silent terror in staring at the same horizon and spot buildings.
So far my baby has been to two countries, two funerals and one wedding.
My child is wonderful at funerals. The lady is Tonya. She is wearing a
Maya Wrap. I’ve worn the Maya Wrap. The Mayans along with their reknown insight into the cosmos, farming, and infrastructure had time to develop a sling to carry around their children. However, early Mayan’s were birthed vaginally then cut on the forehead (it was considered a curse to look normal), so the Maya wrap you see in the year 2008 is a little different from the one you’d see back then. Then, it was more like a bag. Like a canvas tote bag from Whole Foods, that gives you a 10% discount while shopping cause you’re not using plastic. If you were a Mayan child you would spend the first three years of your life staring at the world over the shoulder of your mommy while she builds a fort overlooking the ocean to protect you and her civilization from the Moors or the Greeks or the people who’re out to sell shit you don’t need.
This come in white or dirty white.
Why I need rock?
Rock is useful. Rock is strong. Rock cost only two acres.
But I can get rock from ground. It free.
Yes, but my rock comes from Greece. You can make yogurt with it.
You got me.

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