Take a look at my life

the old man gives me the finger

That’s a picture of the old man. Giving me the finger. Yep. Three generations of Zafir right there in the heart of Rockefeller Center. We have a lot in commmon with the Rockefellers. Both Jewish. Both originally from Hungary. Both have the letter ‘f’ in the middle of our last names. They got more money and my family does more drugs and has a history for more failure, but essentially peas in a pod.
What can I tell you about the old man? He likes pickles or he did till his cholesterol got too high. He used to eat salami and cheese at the same time but after the passing of his mother he became kosher. His mother was a tremendous woman. A rock in the family. Supported him, his Father (who had an awful drinking and gambling problem… problem cause he lost more than he won), not to mention owning her own shmata business. Mostly dresses for young girls, and jackets for young boys. Rosa also lost three children in the Holocaust. Wanted more children, had 3 miscarriages, then put out two more kids (my father being one) when she was in her fifties. They do not make women like her anymore. She is a rock, which is yet another association to those rich fuckers.

One thought on “Take a look at my life”

  1. My Father informed me, some of the information pertaining to his family is historically inaccurate. He also asked not to be mentioned in future posts.

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