Is it bad to have one cigarette a day? One cigarette. That’s nothing. Plus, on every pull from the filter, i let some of the smoke leave my mouth so I don’t inhale the whole gulp. Do the math! That’s like half a cigarette. Plus I’m not just sucking the whole time; I take breaks. Sometimes I let it dangle in my hand. Take off a bit more. I usually enjoy my cigarettes, after I’ve worked out, gone swimming, or enjoyed a short run. I’ll make coffee and smoke one cigarette. “How can you keep getting all these cigarettes, Elan?” My girlfriend buys packs of American Spirit. She says they’re good for you. Not healthy, but less bad. I don’t give a shit. She only smokes one cigarette a day, too. Neither of us are addicted. A lot of the time we go a whole day without smoking and don’t even bring it up. “Wow! We went a whole day without smoking.” No. We don’t mention it cause it’s no big deal. We’re parents. If my son asks,
Is smoking bad for you?
Yes. Yes, it is.
You smoke.
Once a day.
So, that’s ok?
No, but I choose to do things that are bad for me, on a small scale.

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