variety puzzles

This picture’s way too big. I’ll figure out how to reduce the size at some point. This is in our cabana right before we made our way to the beach. The path to the beach was a sandy tour through jungle on one side and sea on the other. In the early morning before the sun rose I went walking with my kid through the jungle toward the ocean and we’d walk on the beach with him on my shoulders. At dusk i saw an ant eater or an opossum. During the day I saw a couple of tourists taking full advantage of the ‘clothing optional’ decree Cabana Copal has in effect. I saw so much nudity. Some of it was unwelcomed. I would never join a nudist colony. I would join an underwear colony if everyone had different color underwear, like the one’s from American Apparel. We were bit by mosquitoes, burned by the sun, blinded by this one kids audacity to undress in the restaurant (‘clothing optional’ I assumed was meant solely for the beach). I got a mud massage. They asked whether I would like Jessica or Rudolpho to massage me. No brainer. We ate like Kings. Guacamole, Enchiladas, Tacos, Fried fish, Pico de Gallo, Steak with onions, Black Beans. We looked at the stars and made up constellation names which is easy to do sober let alone knockered. We drank Mescal, tequila, Sol, Modelo, Corona. They told us not to bring a cooler (cause it attracts animals) but we did and left it in our car (Rental, Nissan) we had ham, olives, cheese, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, papaya. I learned my girlfriend is allergic to papaya or as she says, “I’m not allergic, I just feel my throat closing when i put a piece in my mouth.” This man with a guitar played for my son, and another man who just purchased beer and Ice joined him in a duet with a song that spoke of Fathers and Sons. A beautiful lullaby. This all occured in town (10 minute drive from our cabana) and i sat against the stone steps smoking a Delgado, feeling pleasantly buzzed from the evening meal, that this is what New York must have been like. The feeling I had on those steps is what made people in search of adventure and community flock to this once magical city. Too bad for New York.

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