From us to here

I had a dream last night that I was waiting for my best friend Paul and my brother to get out of some building, it was not going to blow up and there was no real hurry but nonetheless I was waiting. After much wasting of time (being in a truck, trying to find a static-free radio station, my high school ex girlfriend keeping me company, a current girlfriend of my girlfriend opened the car door to tell me, “I have your seed in me; We share a seed.” Whatever the fuck that means, I made a face like, “If you only knew how many times I heard that.” Of course I haven’t heard that very often, I mean, what sort of person walks around, pushing his kid in a stroller all day hearing, “I have your seed in me,” by people he passes in the street. Probably not that many. I was down playing what she said, anyway, my brother and Paul finally came out and drove off, or I went in looking for them and they left, either way I didn’t have to be there the entire time. Could have left hours ago, but didn’t know, and that left me irritated and empty.
I’m beginning to write Spec scripts. I have decided to turn off plays for now and go on to trying my hand at sitcoms, believing them to be more lucrative. The last play I penned was sent off to a Ten-minute play festival in Toronto. The play featured a young couple with a new baby and an argument that ensues which keep them switching roles from friends, to lovers, to parents, to children, ultimately ending (if not happily), to who they were before the relationship began.

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