Playa del Carmen

these two lovely people is the island of Cozumel. For someone who’s lived on the coast for most of his life, there is a profound comfort in staring upon the horizon and seeing nothing but sea and sky. There is also a silent terror in staring at the same horizon and spot buildings.
So far my baby has been to two countries, two funerals and one wedding.
My child is wonderful at funerals. The lady is Tonya. She is wearing a
Maya Wrap. I’ve worn the Maya Wrap. The Mayans along with their reknown insight into the cosmos, farming, and infrastructure had time to develop a sling to carry around their children. However, early Mayan’s Continue reading Playa del Carmen

We are all monkeys


I had a dream last night that this was all a dream. My daily existence, my wanting to be a professional writer, a successful actor, a loving father, great brother, good son, wonderful lover: was all a little play of tissue paper and bits of cotton candy. I saw myself going through the motions of being the person that I am. I saw myself waking up, eating food with my kid, crawling in the grass, talking to a customer in the restaurant where I work as a waiter, sitting on a couch listening to Monk, smoking cigarettes at night in an outside cafe with a bunch of little small tables each with a tiny candle illuminating the myriad of places to sit. A moment passed. I was somewhere else. I was someone else. I was Continue reading We are all monkeys


Me, TO and Raf
My friend Paul noticed him during our meal at Houston’s in Miami. I said he should say something, but Paul informed me he is known for having a peculiar personality and may not take kindly to our intrusion, he was after all, having dinner, joined by two other lovely-looking ladies. I had my camera on me and suggested I walk over and ask him to take a picture with my son. No one can say no to my son. Paul thought it wasn’t a goood idea and preferred his idea, which consisted of leering at him through dinner and when TO would eventually turn his head to notice someone ogling him, Paul would tilt his head, nod; giving a knowing smile that says, “I know who you are, I won’t be fanatical about it, but I wanted you to know, that I know.” You get the point. I thought it was very creepy and Continue reading Cowboys



This is my grandmother’s house but I lived here for six years from the ages of 17 to 23. Good years. Good times. This piano was purchased by my Mother and brought into the house with painstaking difficulty. I have always played the piano. I have always not been very good at it either. I have a couple, you know, not a movement but, much less than a movement that I can play. Beethoven’s ‘Pathetique‘ is one. A Bach piece, and a little of this Mozart Fantasy in D Minor. Point is my Mother bought it for me so I could have a piano to practice on in Montreal. I hadn’t touched the piano Continue reading Montreal

Take a look at my life

the old man gives me the finger

That’s a picture of the old man. Giving me the finger. Yep. Three generations of Zafir right there in the heart of Rockefeller Center. We have a lot in commmon with the Rockefellers. Both Jewish. Both originally from Hungary. Both have the letter ‘f’ in the middle of our last names. They got more money and my family does more drugs and has a history for more failure, but Continue reading Take a look at my life

Master Cleanse Day 1.

It has been 24 hours since I have ingested any type of solid food for I have begun the Lemonade diet. Lemons, B-grade maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and distilled water is the only form of nourishment I plan on having for the next 10 days. I have fasted many times before. By many I mean four or five, each fast lasting no shorter than three days and no longer than five. This time around, however, is different. It’s scary. I don’t mean, to go so long without eating (some people do it for 40 days). I mean the power that comes with knowing you are not eating. The power on the subway when Continue reading Master Cleanse Day 1.


Is it bad to have one cigarette a day? One cigarette. That’s nothing. Plus, on every pull from the filter, i let some of the smoke leave my mouth so I don’t inhale the whole gulp. Do the math! That’s like half a cigarette. Plus I’m not just sucking the whole time; I take breaks. Sometimes I let it dangle in my hand. Take off a bit more. I usually enjoy my cigarettes, after I’ve worked out, gone swimming, or Continue reading Smoking


At the local farmers market, in Union Square, my girlfriend purchased a basket of plums. My sons usual dinner of puree pees and sweet potatoes, was now, happily interrupted. Cutting around the pit, she laid out the lumps of crimson on his green and blue plastic chair. Having just read another chapter of the History of the World, Early Indian Civilization, I entered Continue reading Plums


variety puzzles

This picture’s way too big. I’ll figure out how to reduce the size at some point. This is in our cabana right before we made our way to the beach. The path to the beach was a sandy tour through jungle on one side and sea on the other. In the early morning before the sun rose I went walking with my kid through the jungle toward the ocean and we’d walk on the beach with him on my shoulders. At dusk Continue reading Mexico