I read subtext yesterday!

I was at the Canadian Consul securing Canadian citizenship for my son in the meeting room where a woman is helping me organize my forms behind a bullet proof glass and as the meeting was about to close she asked, “Is he still there?” He was on the floor playing but there was so much glee in her eyes. So much playful concern for him. So much surprise and happiness that he hadn’t made a peep since we entered the room. In that simple phrase, “Is he still there?” I heard, “Hold him up to the window so I can see him,” which I did. I answered her question, “Yeah, he’s just quiet,” while pulling him up to a standing position on my knee and he grinned at her while she made faces at him.
Upon re-reading this post. That was pretty easy to understand subtext. I shouldn’t have put the exclamation mark in the title.

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