We are all Fathers

spyThis is where my thinking stray’s. I would not be completely upset if my son had a different Father later in life. Right now he’s with me and I’ll give him everything I’ve got. I realize of course that although I have much to give there are others who also have much to give. Continue reading We are all Fathers

We Are Not 30 Rock

Was the aptly titled name of my Improv group that performed last night, opening the show for the cast of 30 Rock. When I say ‘opened the show’ I mean that we were the show directly followed by the live cast of 30 Rock. I saw Alec Baldwin, dressed in a suit, carrying his own bag. He is a large man and seemed to be in very good spirits. I asked him how he felt when David Mamet offered him the role in Glen Garry Glenn Ross and he told me to go f*ck myself, which I understand. It was a sort of stupid actor-y question I could have left to some other groupie.