Has your girlfriend?

Has your girlfriend ever complained in the morning? Not just a complaint, but a list of complaints? Could be three things. Could be four. Could be five and you stop her.
Today, I got….

1. The floor is so sticky I can’t even walk on it.
2. The baby is crying so much I can’t think.
3. I’m going to be late for work, this is the first day my boss is back from his vacation and I’m late.
4. I’m not even finished getting dressed, mornings should not be like this.

This is just a big downer. Especially in the morning when one of you wakes up happy and energetic.
Some might think this is grounds for ending the relationship.
“I don’t know what you want, but you’re being a bitch. And if this is what you’re like after a year then who knows what you’ll be like in two. I’m out.”
What about the baby?”
Your problem.”
Not my style. Also it felt a bit forced, even as I wrote it, most probably someone would not respond in that fashion and anyway I aim to be savvy. I try to understand people, rather than point out all the screwy things about them.
“Honey, you’re being a spaz!”
Sometimes, though, it’s good to point things out.
I hit her with that, hard and aggressive putting the emphasis on the last word and that truly makes all the difference. For instance, If I were to say it tactful, in a way that says, ‘I don’t want to point this out but I have to…’
“Honey… you’re being a spaz.”
It would imply that it’s OK that for you to act like this; I would just prefer if you didn’t. Which would lead to her giving reasons why, she is indeed, acting this way…
“Honey, I’m making his food, there’s no hot water, I had to take a shower, I’m running late, you’re eating breakfast and drinking coffee.
All valid. All really valid. So you want to make it seem outrageous. As if, she’s being ridiculous.
“Honey, you’re being a spaz!”
Take it back to high school. On the last word, show a bit of surprise and worry that you made a mistake thinking she was, in fact (at one time), so cool.
She’ll stop, look around, realize things aren’t so bad and come in close for the kiss (and that’s in front of the kid).

Happy Halloween!

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