Public Bath House

I joined a Public Bath House for 75 dollars a year. It has an outdoor pool an indoor pool, a ping pong table, a snooker table, and a full gym.
What’s the catch?
Today there was a small skirmish in the rec room. Someone was found lifting weights in the weight room 11 minutes after 11 o’clock. Someone had to be informed in front of 26 or so people, that from the hours of 11 to 12 it was seniors workout only.
I was kicked out of the gym by 28 old people because I’m under the age of 65. I was on the bench press. The security guard informed me of “club rules.” I leaned up from the bench. There was an old person on the rowing machine staring in my direction. I looked left there was an old person doing one handed pushups head tilted up in my direction. I looked right another old person, wearing lipstick, using a thigh master, hands raised in the air, staring at me. Behind me, there were four old people eyes bulging from their sockets lifting their hands (no weights) in the air, exhaling very hard in my direction, all in need of chapstick.
My mouth open in shock and respect, i stood up (the four behind me taking a step forward procuring their place on the bench press), picked up my towel, wiped my brow, and slowly began to exit the rec room, passing 7 elliptical machines, with 7 old people all glaring in my direction. As I reached the door handle I heard, “Keep going you little faggot,” which I took not as an insult, but as a manner of intimidation. I got the message. This was their turf. I was trespassing.

One thought on “Public Bath House”

  1. Well, I don’t know why you’d want to stay there during the seniors’ exercise hour. They still had no right to treat you like that. Old people are the leeches on society, not you.

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