Keeping the Conversation Going Strong

After the initial, “Hey, do you know if they have Guiness here,” do you get tongue tied or just become basically at a complete loss for words? Me too. How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends, is the perfect book for you. Here is one of six steps to keeping the conversation going strong.
1. Focus on the situation you are in.
Where are you? What are you doing here? Is there something you’d like to change about where you are? What can you make a personal connection to?
(A burning building)
Ted: Wow.
Donna: Yeah.
Ted: I’m Ted.
Donna: Donna.
Ted: Nice to meet you.
Donna: Same.
Ted: We’re pretty much screwed, huh?
Donna: Yeah. Ha, ha. Pretty much. The roof was not a safe place.
Ted: You’re always told, “Quick, the roof!”
Donna: That’s true.
Ted: I feel like that was ingrained in high school or something like Health or-
Donna/Ted: Sex Ed.
Ted: Yeah.
Donna: Weird.
Ted: (holding it up) Got my computer.
Donna: Same here, I grabbed my Mac and ran up the stairs.
Ted: I’ve been thinking about switching to Mac. How do you like yours?
Donna: Never had a problem. It’s great for editing.
Ted: I need to do some editing. I have all this footage from my trips to Latin America.
Donna: Hey, I’ve been to Latin America.

And you and Donna are on your way to a great friendship.

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