I look at women more than I do men. I look at everyone. But when it comes to looking at boobs, I look at women’s more. I look at ass from both genders, probably not with the same intent. When I look at a woman’s ass, I have this pre-arranged thought in my head of how far it’s supposed to stick out from her body. It’s a ritual now. I don’t even think about it. It’s like taking out my Metrocard. I look. If it doesn’t stick out so far from her body, I’ll stop looking fairly quickly. If it does. I’ll take another look to see how far, in fact, it does stick out and if it’s the perfect shape in this made up image I have in my head. Now if it’s a man’s ass. I look as well but only to see how the jeans, slacks (shorts), fit well. “Fitting well” means the ass fits my pre-arranged thought of how far a guy’s ass is supposed to stick out from his body. If it barely leaves the confines of his spine, a quick glance is all that’s necessary. If it sticks out pretty far, a quick glance is also all that’s necessary although i may walk closer just to hear what a man, who has a really big ass, talks about.

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