The citizens of this small Serbian village recently put up a 10ft. bronze statue of Rocky Balboa (in his famous glove raised pose), because, and I quote…

For five years, only negative reports on farm diseases, monstrous murders, floods and landslides have been coming from our village.

Time Magazine September 3 2007 Issue

If there are farm diseases, unspeakable murders, flashflood’s ruining: plantations, livestock, building stuctures; contaminated water, flies—causing an outbreak of malaria, and basically everyone hates their life and each other, I don’t believe a 10ft. Rocky Balboa Staute will do the trick. I don’t believe any statue will do the trick unless it is of some God that you pray to for salvation. I pay respect to Sylvester Stallone, who saw a boxing match in 1975, went home that night, wrote a screenplay he finished in three days, that would go on to win the 1976 Academy Award for Best Picture. That is what you call Old Hollywood. If I had a town like Egypt land-back in the day, when Moses wanted to get out of town and all these locusts, frogs, blood in the lakes, fires breaking out, beasts roaming around, for one, I wouldn’t have time to make a 10ft. bronze statue or any sized statue, made of any kind of material, because I’d be too busy packing my carry on bag getting the fuck out of town. But if there was someone else who did have time to make a 10ft. bronze statue I would pack his carry on bag and take him with me on the next camel out of town and make something happen. Maybe some kind of business where he makes statues and I make the titles. He could make a 10 ft. bronze statue of a lake on fire, and I could write under it, “No Lifegaurd On Duty.” At any rate, here is some talk about the town of Zististe located in the Central Banat District of Vojvodina, Serbia. If you have a chance, visit.

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