Call me Dad

Has anyone seen the Denzel Wahington movie De Ja Vu? It deals with time warps and alternate realities. Meaning, as I write this blog sitting on my couch in my new gap underwear, there is another person in another pair of underwear doing something completely different. Maybe they’re not even wearing underwear. Maybe they were once on this earth but now exist in another realm. Anyway, for 50,000 dollars I’d let Denzel fuck me in the ass. Which brings me to a conversation I had recently with my ex-roommate. I’m a Dad now so I had to move out while he’s still living in the same pad we’ve lived in for the last four years. We were having drinks and din with my girlfriend and Helena. Helena seems to think it’s horrible that for 50, 000 dollars I would let a man penetrate me.

Helena: You’re just joking.
Elan: Helena, for fifty thousand dollars I’d let a man fuck me.
Helena: What about your reputation?
Elan: I’m nobody.
Helena: But you will be some day. Then what?
Elan: I’ll deny it.

Alas, she is young.
It just occured to me that some old man in the Harvard Club is having a nightcap finishing off a few loose emails might come across this blog and see this as a proposal for gay sex. Let me assure you. Look closely at my avatar. And if you have 50,000 dollars put “You’re Rich” in the title of your comment.

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